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Russian One-Step Sphere Tip Set, 6-pc.

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These sphere or ball tips make beautiful large flowers or ruffles in one squeeze! Even taller than the Russian flower tips, they're perfect for decorating cakes and cupcakes. Simply position the tip at a 90 degree angle, squeeze, and pivot back and forth to create a ruffle or petal design, then fill the center with more icing or candy. You can also mix colors to add complexity to your florals or let the designs shine on their own. Seamless, tin-plated steel. Set of 6 tips. # 270 - 275. Requires pastry bags 12" or larger. Compatible with the Large Pastry Bag Coupler.

These sphere/ball tips will ice a cupcake in one squeeze! We were impressed on how easy it was to create large, beautiful flowers in different colors. A firmer buttercream is recommended for best results. A terrific gift idea for any cake decorator!
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