FP2050 Tattler

Reusable Regular Canning Lids & Rubber Rings, 12/pkg.

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Never buy home canning jar flats again. Durable plastic lids work for all accepted forms of canning - pressure canners, water bath processing, vacuum sealer etc. Perfect for acid foods such as tomatoes and pickles because the lids won't corrode. Lids are white plastic, 2-5/8" diameter and come with reusable rubber rings. Metal bands are required for sealing (not included). Fit any standard mason type canning jar. Reuse these lids for years - less waste, less cost and safe - BPA Free! FDA and USDA food grade plastic, made in USA. Instructions on box, dishwasher safe. Regular size, 12/pkg.

Instructions for Use

For best results with your reusable lids follow instructions closely

  1. Inspect top of jar for cracks and nicks

  2. Wash, rinse and sterilize jars. Scald lids and rubber rings. Leave in water until ready to use.

  3. Fill jars as indicated per canning instructions for that food type.

  4. Wipe top of jar after filling. Place lid and rubber ring combination on jar.

  5. Screw band on jar loosely. Center lid on jar and hold in place with finger while tightening the metal screw band finger-tip tight. DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN. Product must be allowed to vent during processing.

  6. Process as per instructions for various foods.


  8. When jars have cooled, remove metal band and determine by feel if lids are securely sealed. Sealed jars may be stored without metal bands if desired.

  9. When removing lid gently insert table knife between rubber and jar to release seal – DO NOT USE SHARP KNIFE.

  10. Wash plastic lids and rubber rings, rinse, dry and store for future use. Do not save any rubber ring which is cut or deformed.

Made in the USA

Reusable lids
Mar 1, 2011  |  By Cheryl
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"The best idea since sliced bread!! You can store your canned foods in a damp cellar without the lids rusting. Every extra use of them cuts the price in half, so not all that expensive in the long run. I am on the 9th use of mine and they still work like new. You MUST follow directions EXACTLY to get them to seal. Don't store with rings on your jars either"

Love this idea
Feb 3, 2011  |  By Tabby Hill
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This is a great idea. Now if only they would offer non-rusting bands!

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