Push Up Cake Ideas & Tips

This new fad is a lot of fun.

Cake Pop Shapes

Step 1:

Use cake push up tubes or same-size round cookie cutter to cut cake rounds from a cake layer or two. Or you can bake little cakes in our Push Up Cake Pan


Cake Pop Shapes

Step 2:

Then layer these little bite size pieces with any combination of fruit, puddings, icings, or fillings of your choice. Use a decorating bag and pastry tube to layer the icings, puddings or fillings. This works well to get down inside the cylinder. If you use our pie filling pouches, just snip off one end and squeeze inside cylinder.


Cake Pop Shapes

Step 3:

Top with a swirl of icing, and candies, melted chocolate pieces, nuts, fruit or any kind of decoration to match your party theme. Experiment with your favorite flavor combinations…. Like pound cake, strawberries & whipped cream, chocolate cake and chocolate mousse with sprinkles, chocolate cake and mint flavored pudding with chocolate chips, lemon cake with lemon pie filling and raspberries. The ideas are endless.


Cake Pop Shapes

Step 4:

Display these in a push-up pops display stand and decorate with ribbon or festive wrapping paper. For a more decorative display, use our new acrylic display stand that comes with theme decorations.

To assemble your push up tubes, join the stick and the disc together, and then insert them into the main piece. The cake push-up tubes do have lids, and so if you need to travel with them, you can attach the lids and do your final toppers when you arrive!