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Nonstick Linking Square Cupcake Pan

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Tired of undercooked or burned brownies? Try this Linking Square Cupcake Pan - great for brownies with edges, cupcakes, dessert bars, mini breads, cornbread, cobblers and muffins. The linked design allows efficient baking, superb air circulation and easier handling. Your baking will be cooked evenly every time! You can decorate individual cupcakes, or put them together to create one cake to pull apart and enjoy. Nonstick coating for easy release and cleaning. 12 individual linked cups. Pan measures 13-1/2" x 9-1/2" x 1-1/2". Cavity Size: Top is 2-1/2", Bottom is 2", Depth is 1-1/4". Hand wash only.

This square cupcake pan released well with just some light greasing, and will even work using round cupcake liners. Try lining up your baked cupcakes to create a large cake you can then ice and decorate. What fun!
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