Layered Cake Instructions

Create those luscious layered cakes at home - it is easy. Just follow these steps...

Cake Pop Shapes

Preparing the Cake

Bake as many layers as you want for your cake. The most common size for a cake  is a 8" or 9". Choose your cake pans - whether it be 8" or 9"  round or square pans. Be sure to fill the  pans with an even amount of batter for more uniform layers. Cool cakes before assembling.

Assembling the Cake


Cake Pop Shapes

Step 1: Leveling the cake

Using a serrated cake decorating knife or a cake leveler, carefully cut off any domed or uneven areas of the layers to make it level. If you want thinner or multiple layers you may want to use our Piece of Cake Layer Slicing Kit which can slice up to 8 layers. Using a cake lifter will help you to transfer the sliced layers without breaking them.


Cake Pop Shapes

Step 2: Laying Boundaries

Whip up your favorite frosting recipe. Refer to the recipe to make sure you make enough to be able to frost your cake twice, plus some for the layers. Our ready made buttercreme icing accepts colors and flavors easily and the 3-1/2 lb. container is enough for two 10" layer cakes.

Place a coupler inside a pastry bag and fill with frosting. (You do not need a decorating tip attached at this point.) Pipe a half inch round barrier of frosting around the outside of the first layer.


Cake Pop Shapes

Step 3: Stack the Layers

Fill the center with the filling of your choice. Place the next layer on top and repeat the ring of frosting and filling. When setting the top layer, place it upside down so you will have a nice smooth layer for the top icing.


Cake Pop Shapes

Step 4: Frost with a Crumb Coat

To get a smooth surface for icing without pulling lots of cake crumbs, it is best to frost the cake with 2 layers of frosting. The first layer is called a "crumb coat". Using your favorite frosting recipe, thin it with a little milk to a consistency similar to very soft butter. Frost a thin layer around the side and top of the cake. Using a professional icing smoother, smooth the frosting for an even consistency. Let the frosting set up by allowing it to dry for at least 30 minutes. Now you are ready to add the final coat of frosting and smooth again with a professional icing smoother.

For an easier crumb coat use Spray 'n Seal Crumb Sealing Spray. Spray on stacked cake and chill for 3 minutes, then start frosting the final coat. It saves you time and effort and seals the cake surface to reduce the number of crumbs.


Cake Pop Shapes

Step 5: Finishing Touches

Once your frosting is nice and smooth, you can freely decorate with additional colored frostings or candies. If your final coat doesn't appear as perfect as you planned, you can use decorative frosting accents to cover any imperfections.