How to make filled chocolate candies

Ahh... they're so scrumptious, so delicious, those filled chocolate candies! Why not create your own box of filled chocolates? This project becomes very simple, when you use a chocolate mold.

1. Fill the cavity of the mold of your choice - like a bonbon or deep rosebud design - with chocolate and invert the mold to pour out the excess chocolate into a bowl. An alternative method is to use a hobby brush to "paint" the sides of the cavity with chocolate. The goal is to have the chocolate evenly coat the cavity. Use a candy scraper/leveler to scrape off any excess chocolate from rim of cavity.

2. Let the mold harden at room temperature for 4-5 minutes. Again scrape off any access - you can also place in refrigerator if it is warm in your kitchen to speed up the process.

3. Place the filling of your choice - such as caramel, peanut butter or raspberry - in the chocolate-coated cavities, leaving at least 1/8" headspace.

4. Using a knife or chocolate squeeze bottle, place more melted chocolate on top of the filling, making sure the filling is completely sealed by chocolate. Scrape off all excess.

5. Put in refrigerator for approximately 5-6 minutes to set and until the chocolate pulls slightly away from mold.

6. When completely set, invert the mold to release the chocolates. They are now ready to serve or to fill a candy box and give as a special gift!