How to make a cookie bouquet

Cookie bouquets are becoming very popular as centerpieces and favors, and it's very easy to make your own.

1. Mix up your sugar cookie mix and roll out the dough. Cut the desired shapes and place the cut-out dough on a sheet pan, then put a cookie bouquet stick under each cookie. The sticks will magically attach themselves to the cookies as they bake. Once they are baked and cooled, you can decorate the cookies according to your theme or colors.

2. Mix up your icing. You can use many kinds of icing for your cookies, but royal icing can be thinned to apply more evenly across the cookie to make a flat surface for decorating. When making the royal icing for your cookies, it is usually best to avoid recipes that call for raw egg whites, because of the risk of salmonella. You can safely make the royal icing by using meringue powder or a convenient royal icing mix which are available at Kitchen Krafts. They are both simple to use and are a very safe way to decorate your cookies.

3. After you mix an assortment of icing colors, place the style of decorating tips you want in disposable decorating bags and fill with the tinted icing. Now, you are ready to decorate the cookies, and you can decorate them as simply or as elaborately as you choose. Add sanding sugars, nonpareils, dragees or sprinkles to give your bouquet that extra flair!

4. When the icing is dry, gently wrap each cookie in a cello bag or clear plastic wrap and tie it with a coordinating colored ribbon. You can also use convenient decorative bag closures to hold the wrap in place.

5. Any suitable vase or attractive container can be used to arrange and hold your cookie bouquet creations. Fill the container with green floral foam, and cover the foam with shredded colored paper or ribbon. Carefully insert the cookies and arrange your cookie bouquet. Now step back and admire your work!