How to get started in cake decorating

If you've ever wanted to make that special occasion cake, but thought you didn't have the time or skill, read on, and we'll clue you in to the basics of cake decorating, easy as 1-2-3.

What You'll Need...
Having the right tools for the job can mean the difference between a baking fiasco and a sure-fire smash with your party-going guests. So before you start, make sure you have the necessary equipment and ingredients to bake the ultimate cake:

1.) Select your pan.
Choose a round or square, straight-sided aluminum cake pan, 8- or 9-inches in diameter. Or have fun by selecting a Wilton character pan, perfect for a child's birthday.

2.) Gather your supplies.
You'll need disposable pastry bags, couplers, and decorating tips suitable for icing your cake. For the novice decorator, we've designed a Starter Cake Decorating Kit that includes these basic decorating tools. Other handy items to have available are: a straight-blade icing spatula, a cake plate or serving tray, and a server for carefully transferring the cake pieces to your guests' plates.

3.) Let's begin!
You have gathered all of your supplies, now it's time to get started! If this is your first time decorating, you may find some instructions to be helpful in guiding you. Each Wilton pan comes complete with decorating instructions and a color guide for your icing. Another great guide is the instructions that are included in the Starter Cake Decorating Kit. They offer how-to's for preparing and icing your cake, coloring the icing, filling and using a pastry bag, and executing icing designs, such as borders or flowers.

Whether you are attempting your first decorated cake or have become adept at occasionally producing "works of arts" with your special cakes, it is always nice to have everything readily available in your kitchen. Our cake decorating kits offer you the most popular sizes of tips and colors to have handy at a moment's notice. Couplers, tips, colors and instructions are provided for you to get started right away. Included in the kit are our exclusive illustrated pamphlets to aid you in basic and advanced borders and flowers. Also included are hints about color, different tip techniques and what icing to use. You will amaze yourself as well as your family with your creativity!