Hello Kitty Cake

Hello Little Kitty - you are so cute. The perfect cake for little girls - and not so little girls. Pam, from our warehouse created this masterpiece for her co-worker, Lauryn for her 21st birthday! Me--owwww!

1. Bake cake in Hello Kitty sculpted cake; cool completely Hello Kitty Cake
    Hello Kitty Pan

2. Place cake on cake board
    Cake board

3. Decorate cake
    White Buttercreme Icing

       Pink Bow
            Using tip #16 I filled in bow area with fuchsia stars. I smoothed with my finger to make the bow look ribbon-like.
            Then using black icing and tip #6, I piped an outline around the bow

                Fuchsia paste color
                Decorating tip #16
                Decorating tip #6
                Black Redi-Dec icing
            Next I piped in a yellow nose, using tip #8. Using my finger I smoothed out the frosting.
                Yellow paste color
            Next I piped in black eyes, again, using tip #8. Again, I used my finger I smoothed out the frosting.
            Using tip #4 I piped on the black whiskers
                Decorating Tip #4
            Using tip #16, I then finished the cake by piping white stars all over the rest of the cake to make it look like fur.
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