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Freshlife Automatic Sprouter

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Bring the excitement of organic gardening into your home all year round. This automatic salad grower is the easiest and most economical way to provide your whole family with fresh, living enzymes from the world's most nutritious vegetables. Just fill the basin with water, add seeds, and plug it in. Freshlife sprouter features an advanced sprinkler system that detects environmental conditions within the unit and quietly waters the sprouts automatically. What's more, there's no soil, no hassle, and no green thumb required. This automatic sprouter can be easily expanded with additional sprout barrels. Just add the second barrel on top, place the seeds and plug it in. 12" wide x 14" high. Made by Tribest.

Kitchen Krafts recommends this automatic sprouter because it is so easy to use - just add seeds and water and start eating healthy. Can also be expanded to grow multiple kinds of sprouts with additional barrels.
Added benefits
  • Nutrition: Sprouts are baby plants at their prime. According to experts, at this stage of development they have a greater concentration of proteins, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, bio-flavinoids, T-cells, etc. than at any other stage in the life of the plant.
  • Freshness: There is virtually no loss of nutrients because they are eaten the day they are picked.
  • Availability: You can enjoy fresh sprouts any time of the year.
  • Easy: Just add water and seeds! No soil, special light or "green thumb" needed.
  • Econonmical: Seeds can sprout 7-15 times their weight
  • Expandable: Grow up to 3 barrels simultaneously

  • Automatic Watering
  • Waters for 5 minutes three times per hour
  • Eliminates Need to Pre-Soak Seeds
  • Easy-to-Clean Pads for Growing Wheatgrass
  • Detachable Plug
  • Lighted On and Off Switch
  • BPA-Free Plastic
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