Farm Cake and Cupcakes

Let's go to the farm! All kids want to live on a farm, visit a farm, play on a farm, or maybe eat a farm? Here is a cute simple way to decorate a cake that looks like a barn - plus all the animals that go inside. Old McDonald never had it so sweet!

One of our staff enjoyed making her little boy ecstatic with this nice big red barn cake and cupcakes!


Bake cake in 9x13 pan and cut into barn shape; decorate

Barn template

       After baking and cooling, cut off top corners of the cake, at a diagonal, as shown here

        Frost with red frosting

            Red Icing       

        Using pretzel sticks create window and door on the barnBirthday Boy with his Cake

        Add graham crackers for shutters, open door and roof

        Pipe any writing you wish on the cake

        Dye coconut yellow and place on window and door as hay

            Yellow paste color



Bake a dozen cupcakes; decorate

    Cupcake Pan


        After baking and cooling frost 6 cupcakes white (sheep and cows); 4 pink (pigs) and 4 yellow (ducks)

            Yellow paste color

             Pink paste color



        Horns: white tic tacs

        Eyes: chocolate sixlets

        Nose: pink candy wafer

        Nostrils: black candywriter

        Ears: chocolate coating wafer, cut into imperfect triangles


    Sheep:Barn and Animals

        Wool: mini marshmallows

        Eyes: candy eyeballs

        Nose: squeeze pink icing into bead, top with a chocolate sixlet



        Icing: dye white icing pink

        Eyes: candy eyeballs

        Nose: pink candy wafer

        Nostrils: black candywriter

        Ears: pieces of twizzlers



        Fur: coconut, dyed yellow

        Eyes: chocolate chips

        Beak: orange MnM


Dye coconut green to sprinkle on serving platter to place your farm animal cupcakes on

        Green paste color