Easy Easter Cake

This Easter keep it simple. Watch our video and Create this fun Easy Easter Cake.. 
You can make it from scratch or use store-bought items. 
You bake the cake and apply icing - LET THE KIDS DO THE DECORATING!
Do-it-Yourself...you will need...Green Candy Shreds
	1. Using 6" Round Cake Pans - bake your favorite from-scratch recipe or box mix. Bake 2 layers. 
	2. Place 8" Round Cake board on cake turntable for easy icing.
	2. Add a dab of Buttercreme Icing to 8" Round Cake Board and place first layer 
	3. Spread Buttercreme icing on top of first layer and then place second layer on top
	4. Using an angled spatula, spread icing on top and sides in thin layer to create a crumb coat. Refrigerate cake for 15 minutes to allow the icing to harden and "capture" all the loose crumbs.
	5. Then add a 2nd layer of buttercream icing and smooth with spatula.
	6. Start adding the Green Candy shreds by sprinkling on top and pressing in on the sides of the cake until the entire cake is covered and it looks like grass.
	7. Now you can start placing the candy eggs all around the bottom and top of the cake - reserving a spot in the top middle for your chocolate bunny that you have molded.
If you don't want to do the baking or mixing ...you will need....
Isn't it just the cutest cake ever? 
Easy Easter Cake