Clever Containers

Before you pick the berries, before you purchase the pectin, before you measure the sugar - you need to decide what kind of containers you want to use. Will you be sharing your jam with others, or giving holiday gifts? Here are some ways to make your homemade preserves even more tempting.... Small Jar of Strawberry Jam

Smaller jars or containers are best for gifting jams or jellies. If you plan to hand out samples of your delicious jam to co-workers or to dinner guests, 4 oz. jars are just right.  It gives all your friends a taste to remember you by.

Purchase the 4 oz. quilted jelly jars; use a round decorative fruit label on the top to identify the jam. If you want, you can tie a ribbon around the top of the jar, with a small tag that says... "Use one tablespoon on your toast every morning for a sweeter day." Another alternative for 4 oz. jars is the oval jelly jar labels and white one-piece caps. The result is a cute little jar to pass out to whomever you wish.

For a slightly larger portion, use the 8 oz. quilted jelly jars or platinum elite jars. The elite jars are square and squat with a silver lid. Use a decorative label on this stylish jar and you have an instant gift that anyone would enjoy.

Whatever way you want to present it, homemade jam or jelly is one of the sweetest gifts you can give!