Cake Balls and Cake Pops

Create fun-shaped cake balls the easy way and with no mess!

Cake Pop Shapes

Instead of hand-forming the cake balls, use cake tongs to grab cake ball mixture and create the desired shape. Then enjoy decorating them. Your cake ball treats will be consistent in size and shape. The cake ball tongs come with 3 interchangeable shapes: heart, star and fluted round and are top rack dishwasher safe, 6-3/4" long with attachments.

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Mixing Cake and Icing

1. Crumble cake into fine crumbs. This step can be done by hand or more quickly by pulsing cake in a food processor. Using "pulse" setting allows you to control the speed so that you don't over mix.

2. Start adding a small amount of the Buttercream frosting to the cake crumbs, pulsing a little at a time. Continue to add small amounts and pulsing until the cake and frosting mixture has a claylike consistency. You want to make sure that you don't add too much frosting. You won't use an entire batch of frosting.

Forming Cake Balls

3. Select the mold shape you want and attach to the tongs. Using a scissor motion, cut through the dough with the tongs. Then squeeze the tongs together until completely closed. Using your fingers or a spatula, scrape off any excess from around the mold. Now open the mold and remove your cake ball. It's that easy.

Attaching to Sticks


Dip the cake balls half way into melted Merckens chocolate by hand and then place into a cupcake liner. This is a quick way to finish the treats and it's super easy. This is especially helpful when you want to make a lot of cake balls fast. It's as simple as Dip, Sprinkle and Set.

Attaching to Sticks


There are many choices for cake pop sticks. I prefer the extra strength and support the Reusable Cake Pop Sticks provides for cake pops, however any sturdy pop stick will work. Color sticks are great when your celebration has a color scheme.

6. To assemble, dip the end of the cake pop stick into melted chocolate and then insert into the cake ball to form the pop. Set aside for the chocolate to harden. You can complete this on all the cake balls to let the chocolate set and adhere to the cake ball before dipping the entire ball in chocolate. If you need to hurry this "stick setting" process, you can place the cake pops in the  fridge or the freezer for about 15 minutes. (Warning: Do not let the cake pop freeze as it will sweat when you dip it in chocolate creating a moisture problem.)

7. Taking the pop by the stick, gently dip it into and out of melted chocolate and tap lightly against the side of the melting pot to help drip off excess chocolate. Sprinkle with whatever topping you like and place in a cake pop stand to let set up.

8. Once the chocolate has set, you can embellish with a ribbon, place them inside sucker bags for party favors, add a gift tag….the ideas are endless. To finish off the presentation of your Cake Pop works of art... display them in the Nordic Ware Covered Cake Pop Stand.

Attaching to Sticks