Bak-Klene® All Purpose ZT Spray, 14 oz.

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This all-purpose spray provides the flexibility bakers expect with the nutritional goodness of zero trans-fats. Its superior release assures clean, easy removal of a variety of baked goods from your pans, but it also helps your baking achieve a golden crumb color. Ideal for everyday breads, specialty loaves, pizzas, breadsticks, ciabatta rolls, cakes, bars, muffins and other demanding high-ratio baked goods. Specially developed to reduce buildup and protect your pan glaze. Increased yields with every batch! Zero Trans Fats. 14 oz. spray can. Made in USA.

Get a smooth, easy release for your baking every time with this great all-purpose spray. Zero Trans Fats! Also saves time and mess without the hassle of "grease and flour" - you'll love it!
  • Get no-stick performance, every time - Bak-klene ZT's exclusive blend of high-performance, natural vegetable and mineral oils delivers a smooth, easy release, for increased yields with every batch. It is versatile enough to be used for everything from breads to high-ratio sweet goods.
  • Stay up on nutrition trends - with no hydrogenated oils and zero trans-fats, it helps you meet the demand for healthier offerings without sacrificing taste or satisfaction.
  • Keep quality up - generate a rich, golden crumb color, a high-rising crown and an inviting overall appearance.
  • Keep costs down - by avoiding labor-intensive greasing or the dated brush-and-pail method, you will be more efficient and more profitable.
  • Extend pan life - Bak-klene ZT's distinctive vegetable-mineral oil blend reduces build-up and protects the pan glaze, helping you avoid expensive replacement costs.
  • Environment friendly aerosol can - specially designed to have a smaller impact on the environment. Made with 25 percent recycled steel.
Ingredients: Canola Oil, Mineral Oil, Wheat Starch, Sunflower Lecithin, Capric/Caprylic, Triglycerides, Natural Flavor, and Propellant.
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