"UP" Standing Easter Cakes

Did you make that cake? Wow – that's really something!

It may look difficult, but creating three dimensional stand-up cakes is very manageable even for beginners when you use molded pans and follow instructions.

We have a couple of really cute stand-up mold cake pan sets to WOW your guests this Easter!

How about a lamb sitting on your table? Our Nordic Ware lamb pan makes a 3 dimensional lamb that sits up and smiles at you! Perfect for the centerpiece of your Easter brunch!
The key for shaped cakes is to generously grease the inside of the pan with either shortening, or spray shortening, then lightly dust with flour. Make sure you have all areas of the pan covered to prevent sticking. Avoid cakes with added ingredients like nuts or raisins. Use any standard cake mix or recipe.

Pour the batter into one half. Snap the other half on the filled pan and tighten the pans together with string or wire. The cake will rise as it bakes forming a complete lamb! Follow the instructions included with pan for added tips on baking and cooling. You may want to bake this cake one day and frost the next!

Add piped colored frosting for ears and mouth and use candies for eyes and nose. Now use the tip of your choice - possibly #16 - to make all that fluffy white wool.The cake is 11" x 7".

Or simply cover an iced cake with tinted flaky coconut to give an illusion of sheep's wool. Have fun and be creative! You may want to tint some coconut green so the lamb looks like it is laying down in a meadow.

Even easier decorating is to sprinkle the lamb with confectioners' sugar and nestle it in a bed of fresh strawberries!

Rather have a bunny sitting on your table? We also have a Nordic Ware bunny pan that will delight the kids - how about a chocolate bunny cake? Who could ask for something sweeter?

Full instructions come with all stand-up pans. Follow them closely for the best results. Some basic facts to keep in mind when planning for your molded cake dessert:

  • Read complete instructions before shopping for the ingredients.
  • Be sure to wash the pan mold in hot soapy water and completely dry before using.
  • Spray pan thoroughly for easy release
  • You fill only one half of the cake, to the rim and clamp the top half to the bottom – the cake fills both pans as it bakes.
  • It is probably a 2-day project – baking one day and decorating the next. Cooling time is very specific – you can't rush - be sure to follow instructions!
  • Gather the tips, icings, candies and decorating supplies you will need to complete the project before starting.

Most importantly, don't hesitate to try creating something a little more fun than just a 9x13 cake with frosting. By faithfully following instructions, you will be successful and receive many wonderful compliments. It will be worth a little extra effort!