Tools to Make Your Thanksgiving Easier

By Joanne Callahan

Are you hosting the annual Thanksgiving dinner this year? Does the thought of preparing a large meal for many people put you in a state of panic? Well, you can relax because Kitchen Krafts is here to give you the help you need. From the novice cook to the seasoned chef, meal preparation goes much smoother when you have the proper tools for the job to be done.

First, you want your table to look just as good as the food that it will be laden with. If you have no idea where to start, or are looking for something new and innovative, Kitchen Krafts has the solution for you. Napkin Folding For Every Occasion has easy-to-follow folding illustrations as well as written step-by-step procedures for designs that will suit any event and taste. Ideas included for both cloth and paper napkins.

The next step is preparing the main part of the meal turkey and fixins'. Now that the oven is full, it's time to think about mashed potatoes and gravy. Have you become frustrated with serving lumpy gravy? Are you weary of Uncle Ralph grumbling that the mashed potatoes are not fluffy enough? Kitchen Krafts has what you need. The Simply Mash Potato masher creates creamy bowls of mashed potatoes by just rotating the masher. For wonderful gravy, use ClearJel to make your gravy clear and smooth.

What Thanksgiving meal would be complete without the obligatory pie assortment? Does your oven insist on burning your crusts before the fillings are totally cooked through? Kitchen Krafts Pie Crust Shields will solve that problem in a jiffy. Simply place these deflectors over the edges of your pie plate, where they draw away heat and preventing burning. These shields are adjustable so they will fit a pie plate up to 10 inches in diameter, plus they come in sets of five so you can serve up an array of pies to satisfy everyone at your dinner table.

Do you cringe at the thought of cutting that first piece of pie? How embarrassing is it to have the first piece crumble all over your tablecloth, or worse yet, fall on the floor! Our solution, you ask? The Kitcken Krafts bake-in pie lifter. This handy gadget is not your run-of-the-mill utensil. Just place under the bottom crust. Then fill and bake pie as normal. When your ready to cut that first piece, just cut along the edges of the lifter and you can easily lift out that first piece of pie in perfect condition! (Much to the awe of your guests who will think you are the next Martha Stewart).

So, go ahead and order one or all of the above items, and put your worst cooking fears to rest. Thanksgiving should be a day for everyone to enjoy... even the cook!