The Way to the Heart

The old saying goes...."The way to a man's heart is through his stomach." With a new millennium we must update this saying. How about..."The way to your significant other's heart is through the digestive system" or for short "Win them with food"!

Here are some lip-smacking, heart-winning ideas for this Valentine's Day!

  • To make your Valentine remember you all day long, give a box of chocolate hearts at the beginning of the day. Mold rounded heart chocolates with coco confectionery coating, write special little sayings on the finished chocolate with a candy writer, and wrap in foil. Have the hearts say things like "Kiss Me", "Love You More", "You're Mine" or write nicknames on each piece. Each chocolate will have a special meaning and can't help to bring sweet happy thoughts while consumed. Present them in a pretty candy box with a note or poem tucked inside.
  • Top off your romantic dinner with cheesecake for 2! With a mini springform pan, you can create the perfect-size dessert for your intimate Valentine's celebration. Suggestion: Make it a chocolate cheesecake. Chocolate is for lovers, you know!
  • Combine succulent, fresh strawberries with decadent chocolate! Simply melt coco confectionery coating in the microwave in a shallow bowl, removing and stirring every minute until melted. For extra flavor, add a hint of amaretto Lorann flavoring oil. Holding the strawberry by the hull, gently roll it over the chocolate and place on a sheet of parchment paper to dry. If you want a double layer, let the chocolate set, melt some white confectionery coating and dip chocolate-covered strawberries in white coating halfway. Chocolate strawberries are irresistible! A true heart-winning food!
This year, make your way to your Valentine's heart through a sweet morsel "created with love."