Springerle Hints

So what is Springerle?

Traditionally it is a white anise-flavored cookie that has an embossed design. It is made by pressing a wooden mold onto rolled dough and allowing the impression to dry before cooking. It originally came from Baden-Württemberg, Germany.

  • Springerle must dry overnight. Then when placed in the oven, only the top of the cookie expands.
  • Dampen the bottom of each cookie with a little sugar water before placing cookies in an airtight container to age.
  • The aging is very important for this cookie. The more the cookie ages, the more flavorful the cookie will become.
  • Springerle bakers suggest that the shape of the cookie varies, depending on the consistency of the dough, whether it is stiff or soft, and what kind of leavening is used. German bakers used Baker's ammonia or potash.