Spectacular, Yet Simple

"Wow! That is so cute! You are really creative!"

That is what your family and friends will say to you when you display your wonderful dessert for Easter this year. Compliments, applause, and "bravos" will be lavished upon you. In fact, your masterpiece will be so amazing that someone will bring out his or her camera. Such a creation needs to be preserved for history!

And the best news is that this scenario is easy to produce. This Easter let a beautiful cake be the centerpiece on your banquet table. A molded cake pan is all you need! Half of the work is done when you let the design of the cake form while it bakes!

You do have some choices in cake pans and designs.

Keep it Simple! Start with a plain 9" round cake pan and make your favorite cake - chocolate, carrot cake, white, marble - you choose. Mold some attractive 3-D Easter eggs to set on top for the decoration. They are easy to mold - use candy coatings in different colors for a pastel effect. Top the round cake layer with buttercream frosting or ganache and set the chocolate eggs on top! Easy and it looks good! You may even want to add some preformed edible blossoms around the edge. The kids will love it!

One of the cutest shapes is the stand-up bunny pan. Who can resist a cute little white lamb as a decoration for Easter? This pan makes a 3 dimensional bunny that sits up and keeps you company at the table! Prepare the pans the same way and pour the batter into one half. Snap the other half on the filled pan and tighten the pans together with string or wire. The cake will rise as it bakes forming a complete rabbit! Follow the instructions included for added tips on baking and cooling. You may want to bake this cake one day and frost the next! Add piped colored frosting for ears and mouth and use candies for eyes and nose. Now use the tip of your choice - possibly #16 - to make all that fluffy fur.

Arrange green tinted coconut around the sides of the cake and it looks very charming in the center of your table!

For individual servings - serve up some blossoms with Nordic Ware's Buttercup cakelet pan. There is even a center to fill with ice cream, pudding or fruit. Pipe icing around the edges for a quick decoration. Easy, but spectacular!

Yes, this is the way to become "the star" of the dinner! Too bad you can't serve dessert first - Hmmmmm, that's a novel idea!

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