Smaller Batches


Want to add just a touch of different flavor to your meals? Maybe chutney or a special sauce? Maybe you don't have a garden but you have found some luscious grapes at the local Farmer's market and you want to taste that flavor in jam?


With our busy lifestyles or working full time, our generation doesn't have the time or energy to come home and face mountains of tomatoes or grapes waiting to be put into jars for later. Where would we find an extra day for canning? Here is the perfect answer - make small batches!


There is nothing wrong with canning small batches of produce. In fact, there are many favorable points in creating small amounts of jams, sauces, pickles, and salsas.


More Variety

When you make smaller batches, you can tweak the flavors or make several different kinds of preserves from the same produce. Maybe you would like to add some rhubarb to your strawberry jam, or maybe make strawberry lemon marmalade?


Reduce the Risk

When cooking large batches of tomatoes, apples, or other higher acid foods there is a chance of scorching. This can lead to the ruining the whole batch. Or maybe you didn't add enough pectin to your batch of jam and the nothing sets. With smaller batches, you get a chance to try again to get it the "set", the flavor, the color, and the texture just right!


Less Storage Space

In warmer climates, you can obtain fresh produce much of the year which allows for canning year round at your convenience. In colder climates, you will have to take advantage the produce at the local grocery or special deals at warehouses nearby.


Less Time and Energy

Smaller batches means smaller pots, fewer jars, less time, and less work! Using a smaller pot means heating less water, peeling less fruit, blanching fewer tomatoes and less sweat! Check out our stainless steel mini canning set or our steam canner. With these types of tools, you save time, energy, and a messy kitchen!


Yes, small-batch preserving takes a lot of the work out of home preserving. So yes, eat some of that tasty jam, and "can" it too!


For some tips and recipes on how to make smaller batches you might want to purchase "The Complete Book of Small-Batch Preserving."