Pumpkin Chocolate Boxes

The Best Gifts come in Chocolate Packaging!

Pour box molds are delicious containers for candy or small trinkets. One of the more popular box molds is the Pumpkin Pour Box. This chocolate mold is designed to hold additional candies to tempt everyone. Fill with candy corn or chocolate covered nuts - whatever your favorite treat.

Items needed:

  • Pumpkin Pour Box Mold
  • Confectionery (Summer) Coating - in orange and green
  • Small hobby brushes
  • Glass mixing bowl for melting coating
Simply melt orange confectionery (summer) coating and pour the bowl part of the mold half full. You can tilt the mold to coat the inside of the mold or using a plain hobby brush, dip the brush in the chocolate in bottom and brush up the sides of the bowl until covered. Make sure you don't have an overabundance of coating left in the bottom of the bowl.

Put in refrigerator until chocolate is set. Melt more orange coating and repeat until sides are thick. Let this harden in the freezer for a few minutes. (When creating a pour box, you must use the side of the mold sheet that has valleys in which to pour the chocolate, thus creating a box!)

Pour boxes generally take more chocolate than regular molds. Be sure to have enough melted to fill entire cavity.

Melt small amount of dark green confectionery (summer) coating and fill stem portion of mold. Place this in freezer for a few minutes to completely harden. Continue making the top of the mold as you did the bottom.

Now just fill with candy and enjoy!