Planning a Brunch

Although preparing a brunch may seem overwhelming - it doesn't have to be. You can keep it as simple as you like.

The key is planning. Some tips are listed below.
  • Decide who you are inviting. The number of guests and their age and gender all play a factor in what you will choose to serve. Teenagers are far different eaters than ladies over 60.

  • Pick recipes that have proven to be favorites at your house. You may have a few new recipes you want to try, but when entertaining, a good rule to follow is "use what has worked before."
  • Don't do it all yourself - choose some food items that can be done ahead of time, some that can be purchased from a favorite deli or bakery, and some that can be pulled from the oven right before serving. This will relieve the last minute stress.
  • Chart a food prep schedule - when things will be mixed, cooked and baked. You don't want to have conflicting oven times for different recipes. Know how long your recipes take to prepare and set a starting time for each dish.
  • Will you be setting the table for an elegant brunch with fine china and nice linens? Maybe your brunch will be a buffet that allows your creativity to show. Start viewing your knick-knacks, scarves and colorful mugs as possible table decorations. Wildflowers and flowering bushes often will lend a bit of color for fun! Even flowered flat bed sheets can be used to throw over a pinic table to give just the right touch.
  • Make sure you have all the serving tools and dishes you need to fit your recipes. Do you need to have some thermal serving bowls to keep dishes warm?
  • Keep ahead of the clean-up so you won't be spending hours in the kitchen after everyone leaves. There are many pretty disposable plates, cups and napkins available for spring.
One final hint - keep a smile on your face even when the quiche becomes a little brown or the cake falls. Make light of any small bumps in your brunch. If you are happy, your guests will be happy too!