Painted Cupcakes

Create a bite of joy with cupcakes. With cupcakes you are allowed to get messy, and lick your fingers to get every last sweet morsel -  it's the cake that doesn't require you to wash dishes.


Everyone is making cupcakes these day. How can you make your cupcakes a little fancier? With a flick of a swirl.


To make swirl-topped cupcakes you will need:

Decorating tip #19

Disposable or flex pastry bags

white buttercreme icing

Color Mist spray

sprinkles, glitter, nonpareils, dragees or other favorite topping


After cupcakes have cooled, place tip #19 in your pastry bag and fill with white or colored icing. Starting in the center of the cupcake, just make a circular spiral ribbon until you have the cupcake covered. You can also start on the edge and work towards the center. Take your choice of color spray and lightly spray the frosting to give them an airbrush look. Sprinkle contrasting color of edible decorations on top - like sprinkles or nonpareils.


Now you have charming cupcakes to take to parties, bake sales, or meeting.


Hints & Variations:

1. For the right consistency purchase ready made icing in chocolate, white or color of your choice.

2. Top cupcakes with jewel picks or party favor.

3. Use cupcake wrappers for fancy occasions.

4. Display on pedestals or cupcake stands.