My Dad Can Outcook Your Dad

"My Dad makes the best-grilled hot dogs!"

"Well, my Dad makes the juiciest hamburgers."

"So, my Dad can make BBQ Chicken that tastes great!"

"Well, my Dad grills the best kabobs I have ever tasted!"

"Beat this. My Dad can grill steak with seasonings; cook potatoes on the grill, and toss a salad all at the same time!!"

From the sound of this conversation it appears that Moms aren't the only ones in the kitchen. Have you noticed your Father spending more time at the grill, in front of the stove or washing vegetables in the sink? Men are starting to create their own domain and style when it comes to serving up meals for the family. Preparing supper has become more of a family affair and children are learning the ins and outs of food preparation from both parents. This is a great for the future of cooking. No longer will children be asking only for Mom's special mac 'n cheese, but they will also be asking for Dad's great chicken stir-fry!

Because of the increased role of Dad working in the kitchen, meals will probably take on some different flavor. Men have a need to be precise and to try new projects. So the kitchen may become a place for new creations or new appliances. If this is the case, welcome the new ideas and everyone will benefit.

To help your Dad become the best cook in the neighborhood, he may need some new equipment such as a great paring knife for peeling, and one for slicing. Dad will love to have nice sharp knives to cut meat and vegetables. He can also create perfectly shaped meatballs with his mini meat baller.
Anything that speeds up preparation is a great item to have in the kitchen. He will also want to use the Dice and Pop Cuber to make some healthy spiced up fries to bake in the oven or on top of the grill.

Entice your Dad to smoke meats! Men love smoked meats. You can't go wrong with a Bradley Smoker - make it a Digital Smoker for all those "electronic" Dads.

If he likes to hunt, get him a dehydrator, a great piece of equipment to use for venison and turkey.

And for the Dad that does it all – the meat on the grill, the potatoes in the oven, the vegetables on the stove and tossing the salad too – a digital thermometer with probe can keep track of the roast and alert him when it is done.

Let Dad know he much he is appreciated and all the delicious food he is creating! Create something chocolate for dessert! Wonderful cupcake recipes can be found in The Butch Bakery Cookbook."