Muffin-Cupcake Ideas

Have you caught onto the craze of cupcakes? Kids are asking for birthday cupcakes instead of birthday cakes! This is wonderful choice for you. It is usually easier to come up with a cute cupcake idea than to tackle a large decorated cake. With elegant laser-cut wrappers, cupcakes are even taking over weddings. Much of the craze is due to the fact there are now so many ways to display your cupcake treats. Stands, wrappers, boxes - you name it - you can put a cupcake in it. Cupcake stands are great for parties and buffets, allowing each guest to easily choose their cupcake. Now it is easy to transport cupcakes! Don't worry about the cupcakes falling over and messing up the top. With a 3-in-1 Cake Caddy, you can take a dozen cupcakes in a covered carrier. If you are a baker or cake decorator by occupation, there are now cupcake inserts that slip nicely into 1/4 sheet cake boxes.

Try muffin top papers. You have seen the muffin-top pans that are designed to offer a flat muffin so you get more of the good stuff on top. These muffin papers are rigid enough to stand alone with no pan! Just place on cookie sheet, fill with batter as suggested and bake! The newest craze are tulip baking cups for muffins. The sides of these cups stand up, nestling the cupcake as it bakes!

Impress your friends and family with these unique cupcakes and baking ideas! Don't forget to choose a book from one of our many cupcake books or muffin books. There are many recipes and ideas in each one!

Here's to you - cupcake!

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