Molding Confectionery Candies

  • You can melt the confectionery coating in the microwave at low temperatures. Stirring every 15 to 30 seconds. Or on the stovetop, place wafers into a wide mouth jar. Place jar into water bath, using stove or electric fry pan, turn heat to simmer. DO NOT ALLOW WATER TO BOIL! Stir coating occasionally, until uniformly melted. Be careful NOT to get any water into the coating. Moisture in the coating will cause it to become thick and difficult to work.

  • Flavors or colors may be added at this point, if desired. To flavor, you must use an oil-based flavor. To color, do not use liquid food color as it contains water; instead, use powdered food color or oil-based candy colors. Flavors (extracts) or colors containing water will thicken the coating.

  • Spoon the melted coating into dry molds. Tap the mold gently to remove any entrapped air bubbles. (To create filled candies, "paint" the sides of the mold cavity using a small brush.) Place mold in freezer for a few minutes to set the coating. (For filled candies, deposit filling into the hardened shell, while still in candy mold. Allow approx. 1/8" of shell perimeter exposed. Then spoon melted coating onto filling, being sure to contact perimeter of the shell for a complete seal. Place into freezer, again, for a few minutes to harden.)

  • To release the candy from the mold, invert the mold and flex or tap the back of the mold.

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