Inspect Our Gadgets

We all have them. Sometimes we may need to dig around in our utensil drawer or perhaps in the back of the cupboard, but we really rely on them. You know, those handy kitchen gadgets that make our life just a little easier. Our mothers had them; even our grandmothers wanted the latest gadget. You can find all sorts of kitchen gadgets in antique shops and museums - like hand-cranked eggbeaters, tin biscuit cutters and coffee grinders. And yes, we are just like our great-grandmas, wanting some contraption to make cooking just a little easier.

So what gadgets will make life easier for you? Here are few that rank high with our customers.


Magnetic Lid Lifter (FP0276) - After sterilizing the flat lids to put on your jars, have you ever scalded your fingers trying to pick them up off the bottom of the pan? Tongs don't work either. This handy little gadget has a magnet on one end to conveniently pick up the lid.

American Corn Cutter (FP0120) - Cutting the kernels off an ear of corn can be downright dangerous with a knife - I don't even attempt it. This cutter makes freezing or canning corn a lot easier. The notched ends allow this cutter to hook over the edge of your pan or pail and the blades adjust to the size of ear. Simply place over pan and slide the ear of corn over the blade. Use for whole or cream-style corn.

Deluxe Lid Sterilizer Rack (FP0179) - For large quantities of canning - a sterilization rack is wonderful. Simply load the flat lids into the rack, then lower the rack into a pan of boing water. The handle stays out of the pot for safety and rack holds widemouth or regular canning lids.


Cookie Release Dropper and Scoop (BE3298) - If you don't already have one, a cookie scoop is a must. This scoop works a little differently. Dip the spoon into cookie dough, squeeze handle and dough is prushed from the spoon onto the cookie sheet forming uniform-sized cookies!! Made of stainless steel, this scoop means you will never have to push off the cookie dough with your fingers again! (Of course, if you prefer to eat cookie dough, this may not be your favorite gadget!)

Bowl Scraper (BE0465) - If your mixing bowl is heavy, it becomes a chore to lift up the bowl and scrape that last bit of batter into your cake pan. This bowl scraper is larger and with the beveled edge, the scraper quickly removes the batter with one big swipe!

Non-stick Ovenliner (CS4000) - This is the best idea ever! Save your oven! Simply place this non-stick coated oven liner in the bottom of the oven and spills of pie filling, cheese off pizza or overflowing casseroles will never haunt you again. Simply pull out liner, wipe clean and replace! Ahhh! It's wonderful!

Rolling Pin Rings (BE0031) - Rolling your dough to a uniform thickness will be much easier with roller rings. Just slip onto your rolling pin and roll all the cookie dough, pastry dough, or pie crust that you want!

Bake-in Pie Lifter (BE0630) - No more ruined first pieces of pie. Simply plasce this lifter in the bottom of pie pan beneath the bottom crust. After baking the pie, slice along both edges of the lifter and lift out a perfect piece!


Pastry Bag Support (CD4013) - Filling pastry bags can get messy. This sturdy cone holds your bag wile you fill with icing which makes for a cleaner workspace.

Easy-Glide Fondant Smoother (CD1200) - Smooth out your rolled fondant the easy way. After covering cake with fondant, just use smoother to shape to sides of cake with so no puffed areas appear.

Cake Lifter (BE3192) - This lifter is large enough to move and position cake layers, or for loading the oven. Use for pizza too!

These are just a few of the gadgets available for your modern kitchen! Check out even more gadgets under cooks tools.