Giving and Receiving

The season of giving has started. Since childhood we have been taught that it is "better to give than to receive." Many of us have become very adept at the giving. We give mounds of toys to our toddlers (we like to play with them also). We give closets full of clothes to our teenagers as well as every piece of electronic equipment. We also give to our neighbors, friends, co-workers, bosses, bus driver, mailman, etc….

It is really fun to give unexpected gifts. Dropping by a friend's house with a bottle of wine, or their favorite loaf of homemade bread is fun! People enjoy these little extras.

But there is another side to this holiday giving tradition – the receiving. When you become the receiver, do you immediately think – "Oh, what will I give back?" Maybe you are comparing Mary's gift to you to what you are giving to Mary. This is not really receiving. Stop thinking, comparing and worrying. Instead, enjoy the moment. Your friend is excited about giving you something. Be thankful, grateful and appreciative. Gifts are given for enjoyment on both sides – enjoyment for the recipient and pleasure for the giver.

This season stop and celebrate the moment of giving…. with it's warmth and love… more than the gift!