Gifts from Your Kitchen

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Slow down, relax, get out of the rush of people, money and stores and walk into your kitchen. What is more unique than a gift of food? Since you are planning on baking and cooking those holiday favorites for your family, why not just double the batch and give some away? The recipes have already been proven and the mess will need to be cleaned up anyway so just pick up some extra ingredients and turn your kitchen into the gift shop. Then when needed, you can just pull these gifts out of the freezer or refrigerator when you need a great gift in a hurry.

Here are some suggestions:

Look in your cupboards, pantry, refrigerator, freezer and wine cellar. What do you like to eat or drink? Can you offer this product in the form of a gift? Did you do any home canning or winemaking?

  •    Put a decorative holiday label and jar topper on a jar of pickles, jam, relishes, peaches, etc. and you have a great gift idea for a neighbor, teacher, or mail carrier.

  •     Do you have frozen fruit or jams? Put together a few items in a box and give to that needy family at church or down the street.

  •     How about taking a bottle of your own wine wrapped in tissue to the hostess of your next party?

Baked goods are always received well.

  • Are you making some ethnic Christmas breads this season? Make some extra loaves and put them in clear disposable bread bags tied with some curling ribbon and let the recipient see what they're getting. Holiday breads are so pretty they don't need extra wrapping. It's just as easy to let 3-4 loaves of bread rise as it is to let one loaf rise.

  • Do the same way with cookies. Double your batch of Christmas cookies and put them in decorative cookie boxes or stack them in clear mason jars. People enjoy seeing their surprise right away.

  • Maybe you make a great cheesecake? Why not use this talent to make some gifts. Who wouldn't want to receive cheesecake in a white cake box tied with a bow? Better than fruitcake anytime!

  • If you are a pie baker you can do the same with pies. Use the hand-decorated pie bakery box to give away your pumpkin, apple or berry pies this fall.

What are you cooking this season?

  • Your family loves your special stuffing? Chances are your busy cousin Mary with the two teenagers at home will too. Make up a second batch and place in disposable foil pan, cover with aluminum foil and freeze. It's something to pull out and bake to put on the table during a busy season. This can be done with many casseroles, stews, soups, etc.

  • Become creative with special dishes of your own to give away. Making cranberry relish for your holiday table? Make an extra batch to put in small jelly jars and give them away at the office. A little goes a long way.

  • Be sure to include any cooking instructions with the gift along with the recipe.


With these suggestions, before you know it, many names will be crossed off your list! And you didn't even leave home!

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