Gifts That Fit

There it is – that special look – the one you have been aiming for this year. You have just watched as your gift was unwrapped and the recipient looked up with a big smile and sparkling eyes! Success. You have given that special or unique gift and made quite an impression. Isn't gift giving fun?

How can you achieve that look this holiday season? Make your mantra – "gifts that fit!"

Begin by looking at each name on your list. Beside each name note what he or she likes to do in their free time or what their special interests are. Maybe it's golf, football or racing. Perhaps they like music, gourmet cooking or travel. Take a little preparation time and think of each person. The prep time will pay off once the shopping begins allowing you to explore gifts other than the traditional golf balls, dishtowels or neckties - gifts that don't fit!

A great place to shop is online! With this prepared list you can key in specific items and see what's out there. You may find products that you never knew existed. You will be exclaiming – "Grandpa always eats the edges of his brownie - he would like the Edge Brownie Pan™ and a box of brownie mix!" How about, "My friend Lisa hates to cut up onions, onion goggles would be a fun gift for her!" These are examples of "gifts that fit." When ordering online, you can check on the product's availability without the crowded shopping scene. Specific sites can be bookmarked and referred to at a later date. Purchases do not have to be immediate due to that next shopper grabbing for the product. Online shopping is quieter and allows time for wise decision-making.

After you have chosen this "gift that fits," wrap it uniquely. The packaging could give a hint to what's inside. If you are giving something for the golfer, tie some tees to the end of the ribbon. If you are buying for a "grill master" – use some meat seasonings as the bow. If you have time, hand decorated white tissue paper adds a special touch or perhaps a handwritten message or appropriate poem will start the anticipation for what's inside.

Taking that extra step in gift giving reaps abundant rewards. As "Uncle Bill" opens your unique gift he knows you spent time just on him and this conveys that extra measure of thoughtfulness. He now realizes how important he is to you and a sparkle appears in his eyes and the smile on his face says – Thank You!