Football Game Plan

Here are some tips for hosting a Football Party!  

TOSS OF THE COIN – Decide what type of party. A buffet means you're out of the kitchen. Potluck requires less prep time.

PREPARE THE FIELD OF PLAY – Pick the area of your home best suited for party mess (someone will spill something). You don't want to be worrying about your carpet, white sofa, or valuable trinkets being knocked-about by enthusiastic fans.

OFFENSE – Think of the best ways to run the plays. Are there blocks on the path to the buffet table or the bathroom?

DEFENSE – Keep dishwashing to a minimum by offering finger foods and paper plates. Encourage fans to drink their soda or beer from the bottle, can or provide plastic cups.

Avoid PENALTIES – by knowing your seating capacity and your guest list. Be aware of how many players will be on your party field and possible food allergies to choose the optimum "food" plays.

CHEERS for chips, cheese and chocolate candy – very handy to set out and easily consumable. Crunchy, tasty and sweet – all very good stress relievers.

Attempt FIELD GOALS with something special like smooth fruity drinks that are refreshing as well as healthy. Prepare them with your BLENDER. Add fresh fruit to the buffet in the form of sliced apples, sugared strawberries or pineapple rings.

Your PASSING GAME should include lots of beverages. Don't forget bottled water which is the best thirst quencher. INTERCEPT those possible driving problems with designated drivers or carpooling.

Don't go OFFSIDES by forgetting children. Offer fun entertainment in another room and some special treats just for them, like finger gelatin in the shape of footballs or helmets.Freezer pop treats seem to score a TOUCHDOWN every time.

SCORE points by keeping everything as simple as possible. The host should enjoy the game just as much as the guests. Don't miss out on all the action plays by being on the SIDELINES in the kitchen.

The Championship "ring" for a victorious party is the most comfortable recliner for your nap after the game!