Elusive Canning Supplies

Are you tired of combing the nearby shopping malls and department stores looking for those elusive canning supplies? Simple things like jar lifters, so you don't scald your fingers when lifting out the jars. Or how about labels? It doesn't seem like you can find labels anywhere! Frustrating, isn't it!

Shop at our website and you will find all those elusive tools that are so handy during canning season.

Start with the canning tool set which includes tongs, a jar wrench, a canning funnel, a magnetic lid lifter the canner's favorite invention – the jar lifter. Be safe - no more scalded fingers. The jar lifter can be purchased individually also.

Another handy item when working with hot water is the lid sterilizer rack. Line up your flat caps in the rack, lower into the boiling water and lift out with the attached handle. No more fishing for those hot caps that seem to stick to the bottom of the pot.

Have you been searching for labels – you know the decorative ones that fit on the sides of the jars? Search out our labels online and you will find a wide variety of labels. Some for fruit and some for vegetables! Use them to label baked goods too!

After you open a jar of peaches, applesauce or tomato juice and you only use part of the contents, why dirty another container to store in the refrigerator. Try plastic storage jar lids. They are so handy and come in regular and wide mouth sizes to fit most canning jars. Less waste and less mess!

We also have one piece caps available in white or gold. These seal like the 2-piece lids and work well for gift giving – no logos to cover up!

Did you see the replacement rubber rings for the old-type canister jars? They come in regular and wide mouth sizes! Sorry we do not have the wire bales.

Is your canning rack rusty? An item that you won't find in any department store is our stainless steel canning rack. This rack is made of stainless steel so it will last! The rack is designed with no partitions and extra steel rings on the bottom and sides so that you can fit 14 jelly jars in the rack at one time. It easily holds all sizes of jars to better fit your canning needs! You think that's great - what about the stainless steel collapsible wire basket - did you ever think you would find that item again? Check it out!

How about those ingredients in recipes?

Who ever heard of ClearJel? Well, we have it! It's a modified cornstarch that won't break down in canning freezing - try it for apple pie filling, you won't be disappointed.

Looking for pickling lime? Look no further. Same goes for pickling salt. We also stock bulk pectin - regular and light. Other items include citric acid, instant salsa mixes and pickle crisp.

Here are some more elusive canning ingredients and equipment you may have been looking for.