Easy Table Decorations

If you can capture a guest's eye with your table - the rest of the meal will be easy. Setting the mood is exactly what you want to do when entertaining. So what about the table – how will it be decorated?

What is easy and within your budget? Look around your house – you would be surprised what can add a fresh feel to a table. Do you have some fancy plates given to you as a gift, or a silver tray, or an etched bowl? Start with something that's pretty and build from there.

Walk through your flower garden and roadside ditches. Blooming wildflowers are scattered many places. Cuttings from flowering bushes do well in a floral display or spread along the table.

Try a floral or pastel-colored sheets when you don't have a fancy linen tablecloth. Place photographs in the middle of a table to add conversation to the meal.

Food is always a good centerpiece. A luscious dessert - like filled cakes with flowers around it, or a sponge cake topped with fresh fruit and glaze. Try your hand at garnishing - either with melons or a vegetable tray. It's an added treat for guests to pick up something from the middle of a centerpiece that's edible!

Get a book on napkin folding and make some interesting designs - paper napkins work well for informal gatherings! Try placing colored napkins in the goblets!

Don't limit yourselves to expensive floral arrangements, but become creative - you're guests will be surprised!