Decorating Tubes

The size and shape of the opening on a decorating tube determines the type of decorations the tip will produce. Below is a brief description of the uses for the various tubes. For photos and additional information on the specific use of each tube, refer to a book on cake decorating.

These tubes are smooth and round. Use to outline details, filling and piping in areas, printing and writing message, figure piping, string work, beads, dots, balls, stems, vines, flower centers, lattice, cornelli lace. Small tubes are numbers 1-4; medium 5-12; writing tubes 301 pipes fine, flat lines.

Star-shaped tips create the most popular decorations: stars, zigzags, shells, rosettes, and more. Star tips range in size form small to extra large. The most often used star tips are numbers 13-22. For deep-ribbed decorations, try tips 23-31, 132, and 133. Large star tips include numbers 32, 96.Fine cut star tips are numbers 362-364.

The V-shaped openings of these tubes give leaves pointed ends. With any leaf tube you can make leaves with center veins use:65-70 for small; or, 112-115. Other popular numbers are 71-76, 326, 349, 352.

These tubes have an opening that is wide at one end, narrow at the other. This tear- drop shaped opening yields a variety of petals that form flowers like the rose, carnation, daisy, pansy and more. Petal tubes can also make ribbons, drapes and swags; bows and streamers. Plain rose tubes include numbers 101-104, 124-127. Swirled rose tips that make instant-curled petals are 97, 116, 118, and 119. Others include 59-64, 121-123, and 150.