Creating Easter - It's Fun!

Rabbits, chicks, lambs, eggs, baskets, flowers, fancy dresses, little girls' bonnets, egg hunts, sunrise services, special brunches, children, family, vacation, and celebration - all are words associated with Easter. So what comes to your mind?

3D Bunny and Egg Mold


If you are planning treats for an Easter basket, the word "chocolate bunny" should come to mind! This year, don't settle for buying all your chocolate at the store. It's not too difficult to create FUN CHOCOLATE! Even the kids will want to help!

Molding chocolate rabbit suckers or bite-size bunnies and chicks is a project that is simple and should be approached in a light-hearted manner. Who wants to create chocolate on a schedule - or demand perfection? Perfection is something obtained at candy shops. So purchase all your beautifully designed chocolate Easter eggs at your favorite candy store. At home, provide an environment and opportunity for creativity, and the best part - a place for sample tasting of misshaped rabbit ears.

Follow these helpful hints:

1. Use confectionery coatings. They can be melted in the microwave and allow for mistakes to be remelted. Provide an ample amount of coating - the kids may really get into this chocolate project and want to share their creations with friends. Pick from milk chocolate, dark chocolate or white confectionery coating. Place the desired amount of coating in a glass bowl or measuring cup. Put in the microwave and heat for approximately 30 seconds and stir. Repeat this heating and stirring process until the coating is entirely melted. Don't rush the procedure - you can ruin the coatings through overheating. Also, water is dangerous to coating. Drops of water can make the coating seize and you will have to throw it out!

2. Choose a cute Easter mold like our Easter Silicone mold featuring chickes, rabbits and eggs or the whimsical Floppy Ear Bunny Chocolate Mold. Build 3-dimensional centerpieces with Lekue's 3-D Bunny and Egg Chocolate Mold. If you are using a sucker mold, be sure to have sucker sticks available during the molding process. To mold a lot of chocolate pieces at one time, choose the Easter combination mold, which includes bunnies, chicks and lambs - all bite size.

3. Supply a few colored confectionery coatings to paint bunny ears and noses. Color livens up the chocolate bunnies. Use a small hobby brush to paint the chosen areas of the mold with pink or white coating, let set, then fill the entire mold cavity with the chocolate coating. An alternative to using a brush to add detail with a candy writer. Just place the tube in warm water to melt and squeeze the tube to apply the color onto the already molded chocolate. Try not to handle chocolate too much, warm fingers will leave prints on the glossy chocolate!

4. While melting the coatings, flavor the chocolate with a Lorann flavoring - let's see, raspberry with dark chocolate is a favorite at our house!

For the final touch, provide packaging. Nestle the chocolate bunny in some colored Easter grass and insert in a cello sucker bag. Fasten bag with a silver bag closure or curled ribbon. Now you have a perfect homemade treat to hand to friends. Wrap the bite-size pieces in candy foils and place a handful in a decorative candy box.

You say you are too busy to spend a couple of hours working with chocolate? Don't let that be your excuse! Never be too busy to take advantage of such a "tasty" opportunity. When you line up all the funny bunnies, you will have already experienced a Happy Easter!