Cook Healthy, Eat Healthy

Are you spending too much time cleaning up in the kitchen? Time in the kitchen should be relaxing while you create delicious meals and tempting desserts - not constantly wiping off counters, loading the dishwasher, or scraping off burnt-on pie fillings from the oven.

Let us be your extra hands in the kitchen! These great kitchen tools will make you feel like you have your own personal clean-up chef! (un plongeur)

First of all, pull your head out of the oven! A nonstick oven liner is wonderful. Simply insert in the bottom of your oven (under the heating coil), and the next time a casserole or pie bubbles over and leaves a gooey mess, simply remove the liner, and wipe clean. It fits a 30" oven but can be trimmed smaller if needed.

Forget about washing those large, unruly cookie sheets. Line your cookie sheet with Silpat sheets and all the grease, cheese and other sticky surfaces are gone with a single wipe. These silicone coated sheets are heavy-duty and provide an even transfer of heat, can be used in any type of oven, and assure easy release without any greasing. No more scouring pads that scratch your pan's surface.

Save your counter top with a Roul'Pat nonstick workstation sheet. Works like Silpat sheets but is coated with silicone on both sides for a better grip on the counter. Use it as a working surface to roll or knead dough, gum paste, fondant, sugar or chocolate. Nothing sticks on the silicone surface so flour won't cake up on your countertop requiring lots of elbow grease. Simply it pick up and wipe off the mess.

Another way to keep the oven clean when baking casseroles or pies is an oven guard. Just place your pie pan or casserole dish on the round metal ring, any spill-over lands on the pie guard. The guard has a hole in the middle to allow for even baking and flaky crusts. (Crusts can get underbaked and soggy when pie plates are placed on baking sheets.)

Cleaning muffin pans are a chore - those "stuck-on" crunchies are in every crevice. The answer to the problem is a muffin pan brush. It doesn't scratch and works well on coated or painted surfaces.

Instead of digging in the crisper for that bunch of parsley and bringing out a limp green bundle, use a Deluxe Herb Keeper for easy access and freshness. The herbs' stems are submerged in water so they stay fresh and hydrated longer. The herb saver will significantly extend the life of your fresh, garden herbs and allows easy access with no watery mess!

When you bake, use the Baker's Dream Electronic Scale. This scale allows you to measure ingredients by weight, not volume. Save on clean-up by weighing all the ingredients into one bowl and simply pushing the zero button between ingredients. Use the angled measuring cup for easy readability when measuring, no more bending and squinting to see if the fluid level hits the right measurement. Simply watch as you pour!

These are just a handful of kitchen assistants for you to simplify your life. With Kitchen Krafts, clean-up becomes easy and the kitchen a relaxing haven!