Breakfast for Mom

Remember waking Mom up early in the morning on Mother's Day? There you were, all smiles, holding this plate of specially prepared food just for her! The bowl of cereal filled to the rim, the piece of burnt toast on the side and a glass of your favorite apple juice. And for the best part of all – the beautiful bunch of flowers that you had run outside to get just especially for Mommy! Those pretty big yellow flowers that looked so pretty in a paper cup – and they were just dandy – those dandelions. It's time to treat Mom again. But now that you are older, you can step it up a notch and prepare Mom a delightful spring brunch!

Although you may want to impress Mom with your cooking skills and delightful table –remember that the most important thing is spending time with her. Keep the brunch simple and within your grasp. That way you can remain unstressed and keep a smile on your face just like you did when you were little. Pick recipes that have proven to be favorites at your house, add some prepare ahead ideas, and round out the menu with some "pick-up" foods to lessen the work load.

Here are some tips.

  • First of all – know the guest list – how many will you be feeding?

  • Plan the menu – will it be a sit-down brunch served by you or a buffet of dishes? (Things to consider might be space available and Mom's favorites.)

  • What about the table – how will it be decorated? What is easy and within your budget? Look around your house – you will be surprised what can add a fresh feel to a table – even a flowered sheet will add a new look!

  • Do you have the serving dishes you need?

  • Think ahead and try to plan so you won't have a huge clean-up afterwards.

At our house a brunch menu might look like this.

  • Fresh fruit served with a sweet salad dressing

  • Egg Casserole Dish

  • Favorite Pancakes (Kept warm in a pancake keeper – and then served with sweetened fruit or syrups)

  • Muffins/Rolls/Bagels

  • Craisin/Spinach Salad with vinegrette dressing

  • Cranberry or Orange Juice

  • Coffee with Hazelnut Creamer

    This menu includes items….
  • That can be prepared the day before (salad dressing, the egg casserole sets overnight and is baked in the morning, the spinach salad is put together ahead of time and tossed with the dressing just before serving),

  • That are purchased already to go. (Muffins, rolls and bagels can be purchased at your favorite bakery, the juices are all ready to go!)

  • That will be served warm and inviting (the favorite pancakes).

Have fun getting everything ready! Your Mom is really special. No matter what you serve or how it's presented, the best way to do so is with a BIG SMILE on your face. Mom will like that the best!