Bouquets for Mom - The Edible Kind

Flowers are a wonderful gift for Mom on Mother's Day. But edible flowers are a superb gift. They are unique, sweet, tasty and it's something you designed and created yourself. (Mom knows when you put time and love into the gift!)

So depending on your age or time limitations, you can make your bouquet as elaborate or as simple as you choose. Here is a simple idea that younger children can manage.

Pick a container that will hold your cookie blossoms, (a clay pot from a local garden shop, a pretty coffee mug from a gift shop, or maybe a small plastic colorful watering can found in the toy section). If your container is lightweight, you will need to fill the bottom with some form of weight like colored glass or pebbles. (Your cookies will not be touching this area.) Also pick up some styrofoam or oasis (green florists' foam) as large as your container.

With a cookie blossom pan, you can create lots of edible flowers. Simply mix up sugar cookie dough (with our exclusive sugar cookie mix, (you only need to add water), press the dough into the cavities in the pan, insert a long sucker or cookie stick (be sure the stick is covered with dough). Bake and cool according to directions.

Frost with white or red buttercreme icing. Then decorate with different colors of sanding sugar or use a decorating syringe to draw on your designs! Make each one different to add color to the bouquet! Place each cookie in a clear cello bag, and tie closed with a ribbon. Insert the sticks into the foam in the pot and cover foam with raffia, Spanish moss or crumbled tissue paper.

Decorate the pot as you wish. A picture of you and Mom glued to the side would make her think of you. Colorful felt cut in unique designs like animals, flowers or stars would complement a plain pot also. Stickers also work, depending on the surface of your container.

One more thing.... Be sure to tell Mom she can eat the cookies. You know how mothers are; they tend to think these gifts are "too pretty to eat."

(Ask to have the first bite!)