Bake Away the Winter Blues

During the long dreaded months of winter when spring seems too far away and the house seems particularly gloomy with no decorations hung, why not treat yourself? Doesn't a warm, healthy snack fresh from the oven sound appetizing on these blustery days of winter? Nothing warms the heart more than home cooking on cold days. So instead of baking up some cookies or other treats that are loaded with sugar, why not bake up some homemade bread. Bread proofer Bread is a nutritious snack that anyone can enjoy. Serve it to the kids for an after-school snack or add it to tonight's meal to compliment your homemade soup. No matter what time of day you decide to enjoy it, you will be pleasantly satisfied with the warm homemade goodness that is baked in every bite.

With our bread proofer, every loaf can be a success. The bread proofer controls the "rising" environment with the perfect humidity and temperature. And when you're done proofing your bread - it folds flat for easy storage.

Need a gift? Why not bread? We have mini loaf pans to make just the right size for sharing and gifts. Better, yet use disposable loaf pans! Place dough directly in festive paper mini loaf pan and bake. Now your gift is already to go - no extra wrapping needed.

Homemade bread is the perfect healthy treat that will help to warm you up when it's not so warm outside. So have fun with it!