A Project for a DINO-mite Kid

It's that time of year again... back to school! Time for fun projects and creative minds. Don't let all the new lessons take place at school - provide some at home in the kitchen. How about learning about dinosaurs? And for an added twist, the kids will end up doing the devouring.

How about a dinosaur cookie bouquet? This is an easy project for kids to make or a special way for you to say "I care" to your child. Show your little one that you think they're dino-mite plus giving them a fun after-school treat.

All you have to do is mix up a batch of sugar cookies, cut out with the Dinosuar Cookie Cutters. When placing the cut out cookies on the cookie sheet place a cookie bouquet stick under each cookie. The stick will attach itself to the dough as the cookie bakes. After the cookies are done, let them cool and then decorate. Decorate them as simple or elaborate as you choose. Choose a flower pot (or some container like a sports drink bottle to act as the pot). Make sure you put heavy rocks or fill in the bottom for stability and fill with green floral foam. Cover the foam with crinkle cut paper or other filler  and arrange the dinosaur cookies in your pot.

To add to the dinosaur lessons - do some research and learn the correct names of the dinosaurs and whether they are carnivores or herbivores. Your kids will have fun discussing the habitat that dinosaurs lived in and will probably educate you with even more facts! A great learning and eating experiencing for both parent and child!