2017 Summer Hints & Trends

Flour Prokeeper

Everyone at Kitchen Krafts is very excited about the Prokeepers, a new line of canisters from Progressive! They have been flying off the shelves, so hurry and get some for your shelves too! These clear airtight keepers will clean and organize your kitchen by storing flour, sugars and spices. Each size is designed for a specific use with additional benefits.

Flour Prokeeper holds up to 5 lbs. of flour with room to spare! Features a removable leveler that snaps in place to easily level your measuring cup. Silicone seal for airtight storage and has a measurement marks on the front to clearly display how many cups of flour remain. The flour keeper will also hold some of our excellent ingredients: ClearJel Starch, Gel-Ez Pectin and Merckens Dark Chocolate.

Sugar Prokeeper

Sugar Prokeeper features a flip-to-pour spout for filling sugar bowls or sprinkling on cereal and has a convenient one-handed side grip. Holds a standard 4 lb. bag of sugar. We also have some great products for this keeper to store: Donut/Pastry Powdered Sugar, Donut Mix and Super-smooth Icing Sugar.

Mini Prokeeper

The mini prokeeper is a perfect organizer for spices, herbs, candy and snacks. It features a removable leveler and sliding screen with holes that fits across the top. Can be used as a shaker for cinnamon and other commonly used spices. Or, we have other handy ingredients to fill it with: Whip Cream Aid, Sprinkles, Sanding Sugar, Dragees, Edible Glitter and Nonpareils

Also check out our other Prokeepers  for Coffee, Powdered Sugar and Brown Sugar

I've completely re-organized my baking cupboard with these.... How about you?