2017 Spring Hints & Trends


Chocolate Making – Personalize It!
Nothing says I Love You like luscious chocolate! Whether you like your chocolate gooey and rich, creamy and smooth, or nutty and dark, we have a guide that will show you how to make your favorite sweet treats right at home. Plus all the real chocolate and candy wafers you'll need, with the candy molds that make them look professionally done. Not to mention a melting pot for chocolate fondue, desserts, or chocolate covered strawberries - make Valentine's Day extra special with your own chocolate treats!

7 inch heart shaped pour box mold set

Coco Lite Milk Chocolate Flavored Coating, 1 lb.
Need an easy and quick way to make your favorite homemade candy? Coco Lite (Milk) coating is our most popular chocolate, perfect for molding or simply roll and dip your favorite candy filling for easy filled chocolates! Merckens brand. 1 lb. bag.

7" Heart-Shaped Pour Box Mold Set
Eat the box too! Create an edible heart box for your own chocolate treats. Decorate the lid with different colored chocolate or write a personal note with a candy writer. Includes Top and Bottom Mold. 7"W x 1-1/4"D.

Electric Chocolate Melting Pot

Chocolatiere Electric Chocolate Melting Pot
This handy melting pot is a dream come true! No need to boil water, just add the chocolate! Suitable for any kind of chocolate or confectionery coatings. Great for chocolate covered strawberries, fondue, desserts, or molded chocolates. Comes with reusable molds, chocolate tools, and recipes.

How to Make Chocolate Candies
Exactly what you need to know for making chocolate candies at home! This simple book reveals the secrets to mouthwatering chocolate treats and techniques. Including illustrated step-by-step instructions for tempering, thickening, mold filling, piping and more. You'll soon be showcasing your confectioner's skills in decadent chocolate-dipped delights!