2016 Summer Hints & Trends

Kitchen Work Board

Eat Garden Fresh!
Leak-Proof Fresh Storage ContainerThose garden tomatoes will be ready before you know it, so shop now for all your fresh produce needs! There are great new tools for tomato prep and storage, plus exciting new ways to make your favorite salsa.

Kitchen Work Board This cutting board has a large surface area to cut, wash and drain vegetables over the sink, or chop and slice foods over the counter - plus the curved edge will keep your countertop clean when throwing out scraps. Makes a great gift!

Leak-Proof Fresh Storage Container Store your fresh garden veggies. Zyliss Fresh not only 100% guarantees that these containers are leak-proof and airtight, but they'll save you money by keeping your produce twice as long - what a deal!

Tomato and Soft Cheese Slicer

Easy Pull Food chopperTomato and Soft Cheese Slicer Perfectly uniform slices. This is the perfect kitchen tool to evenly slice tomatoes, soft cheese and eggs. Features eight razor-sharp serrated stainless steel blades, and an integrated dish for catching tomato juices and seeds. Great for preparing salads, party trays and sandwiches too!

Easy Pull Food Chopper Creating salsa the easy way. Leave your knives in the drawer, this food chopper is so fun to use! Just add ingredients, pull to chop and serve! Great for travel, small kitchens, RVs and camping. Delicious recipes for homemade salsa, guacamole and pesto are included.