2016 Late Winter Hints & Trends

Harvest Basket

Canning Season Preparation
Thinking about your garden under that pile of snow? With March just around the corner, springtime will be here before you know it- so why not get a head-start on your canning and preserving needs? What do you need to replace? Need more ingredients to preserve your garden produce? Usher in the warmer months and get it early. We have all your at-home canning needs right here!

Harvest Basket No more dirty vegetables in the sink! Use this handy basket to gather and rinse your garden vegetables before bringing indoors. Designed as a garden harvesting basket, however it's versatile and equally useful indoors as well as outdoors. Comes in 1/4 or 1/2 bushel sizes. Made in the USA.

Deluxe Canning Tool Set

Deluxe Canning Tool Set Step up the quality of your canning tools with our deluxe canning tool set. All the basic tools you need with improved function and design! The four piece kit includes: Dual-fit canning funnel to keep your regular or widemouth jar rims clean, spring-loaded jar lifter that you can easily use with one hand, a dual purpose lid lifter and bubble freer, and a handy canning consultant magnet. A great value!

One Piece Caps Make your jars beautiful with our one-piece caps in different colors. We have white, gold or black with an inner rubber seal that works for either processing or storage. Add your own custom label, or choose from our selection. They're perfect for canning, freezing, decoration or even craft projects. Fits regular mason canning jars.

ClearJel Starch

Apple Pie Filling

ClearJel® Stock up on our most popular canning ingredient! ClearJel® is a modified corn starch used in pie fillings, sauces, gravies, anywhere flour is used as a thickener- but ClearJel won't hide the flavors like flour does, and maintains its thickness and consistency upon reheating after refrigeration or freezing. Available in convenient 1 lb. or 5 lb. size.

Instant ClearJel® Try using instant ClearJel when you don't want to cook. this special cold-process starch thickens without cooking, yet holds up to fruit acids and the heat of the baking cycle. Use to thicken gravies and sauces too! Available in convenient 1 lb. size.

Red Fruit Decorative Canning Caps

Looking for more?

We also have the Rubber Rings to replace your worn-out rings/seals for your antique bale/storage glass jars. Red Fruit Decorative Canning Caps for added elegance to your canning jars, or the Jelly Strainer with a steel frame and cotton filter to fit over your bowl/pan that easily strains your jelly.

Plus you can always see all of our canning products here. Or check out our Canning Supply website!