2014 Valentine's Day Hints & Trends

Candy Making Supplies

Heart-winning sweet ideas for Valentine's Day!

Traditional Box of Chocolates... To make your Valentine remember you all day long, give a box of chocolate hearts at the beginning of the day. Mold rounded heart chocolates with coco confectionery coating, write special little sayings on the finished chocolate with a candy writer, and wrap in foil. Present them in a pretty candy box with a note or poem tucked inside.

Large Heart Pour Box

Non-Traditional Box of Chocolates... Another way to present your Valentine with an irresistible treat is with a chocolate pour box. A heart shaped box made of chocolate is so unique and delicious. Learn how to make them with our instructional video. Inside the box you can put candy, a special note or maybe even something more special... like jewelry!

Cherry Cake Recipe

Don't want chocolate? Try our Easy Cherry Cake Recipe,,, an old fashioned cake made in a pie plate and topped with whipped cream. It's the perfect way to end your family's Valentine meal.

Start creating your Valentine treats today!