2014 Organization Hints & Trends

2014 Organizational Hints & Trends
Fido chalkboard Bale Jar

It's a New Year and time to reorganize!

Let's think outside of the box and into ... mason jars!

Not just for canning - these clear glass jars can hold everything from bulk flours and grains to candy. With a variety of sizes and shapes available you can store a large volume of flour or a very small amount of spices and see it! Try our Fido Jars for dried beans, coffee, rice or sugar. The newest storage jar is our chalkboard jars - with a built in label. So cute and adaptible. Use herb jars with shaker lids for basil, rosemary and other favorite spices. Small ornamental jars can be used for tea leaves, cinnamon or cocoa.

Mason Jar Salads You can even use these jars as a "lunch" box for a green salad. Put dressing in the bottom, then veggies, and other salad ingredients and then add your spinach, kale, lettuce and other salad ingredients on the top. Everything stays separate until you toss it together in a bowl. Seal them with a mason storage jar lid.  Make them up ahead of time - the salad will keep for at least 3 days. Widemouth pint jars work best for individual servings.

Find great salad ideas in our book "Mason Jar Salads."

Bristol Crock 2 quart

And... what about stoneware crocks?

Crocks are wonderful for home interior and exterior decorations. In the kitchen use the 2 quart size Bristol crock as a utensil holder or as a container for potpourri or maybe pot some herbs? The small 1 quart size crock can hold homemade jams and other condiments. Add a country design theme to your home and use the larger 3 and 5 gallon size Bristol Crocks for storing magazines, umbrellas or on your deck for plants.

These are just a few "out of the box" suggestions for using your canning jars and crocks year-round - Happy 2015!