2014 Halloween Hints & Trends

Skull Face Cutters What's new and scary for Halloween - it's SKULLS!

It's definitely Halloween time - skull faces are lurking down every shopping aisle and on neighborhood porches. Now you can bring them in to eat! Start out your dark and scary night with Skeleton faces using our Skull Face Cookie Cutter. This cutter set provides a skull face and 9 mini cutters to be creative with eyes, noses and mouths. You can make every monster from a Frankenstein to a mummy.

Did you know that cookies can stand up? Use our Monsters Cookie Cutter and Feet Set to put some feet on monster cookies and make them come alive. The kids will love these monsters - they are more lovable than scary. And we have cutters for Skeletons, Zombies, Voodoo doll cookies, Sweet Spirits, and Dinosaurs!

 Spider Cupcake Kit Watch out because you might stumble across some spiders crawling around. Don't worry - you can take a bite out of them before they take a bite out of you! Our Spider Cupcake Kit provides the baking cups, eyeballs and leg picks to create these adorable spiders.

Check out all of our Halloween and Fall items and create fun in the kitchen!