2014 Gingerbread Hints & Trends

The Gingerbread Book

Let's Build a Gingerbread House!

The holidays are all about baking and one great tradition to start at your house is constructing a gingerbread house. What could be more fun for kids (and adults) then to make a house of candy!

Start with an idea and a good recipe. Check out the Gingerbread Book for Ideas to get started and we also have a great gingerbread recipe to use. After baking the gingerbread cut out the house frame. To get all the proportions correct you might want to purchase a set of cutters. The Gingerbread House Bake Set includes polyresin cutters plus assembly instructions.

You will also need some icing to hold it all together. Royal icing works best. We have a white royal icing mix that only needs water added. PLUS this year we also have royal icing mixes in green, red and black!

Gingerbread Boy Cake Pan Be sure to have lots of candy on hand for decorations. Remember that smaller pieces adhere to the royal icing easier than big gumdrops. We host a Gingerbread House Contest every year and some of the favorite sweets for decorating our mini marshmallows, skittles and mini choc chips. Be sure to throw in a couple of candy canes too!

Put people around your house - create a family of gingerbread people with our Gingerbread Boy and Girl Cutters or make a  Gingerbread Boy Cake - simple with a shaped pan.

Get started making those Holiday memories and send us pictures of your Gingerbread House!