Easter Recipes & Ideas

From stand up cakes to chocolate bunnies and Easter breads, discover lots of ways to celebrate Easter in your kitchen!

  • Sweet Breads for Brunch
    The sweet breads are always my first stop at the brunch table. Cinnamon rolls, lemon poppy seed cake and fruit filled tarts always seem to be calling me.
    If you are planning a special brunch you can make delicious homemade breads, mix up some fine tasting quick mixes for scones or muffins, buy your favorite bagels at the local bakery or any combination of the above.
  • Orange, Carrot & Raisin Loaf
    This recipe was brought to us by Dennis Lockard.... 
  • Easter Egg Nests
    Easy & Fun to Make! Coco Dark Conf... 
  • Chocolate Easter Eggs
    By Joanne Callahan Ingredients: 1 cup soft butter 2 tsp salt 4 tsp vanilla... 
  • Checkerboard Cake Recipe
    cake can be made by using a checkerboard cake pan set, one vanilla and one chocolate cake mix, chocolate icing, and your choice of decorations!
  • Rainbow Gelatin Salad
    Serve this salad for your Easter brunch or dinner. It is so colorful that it almost screams "spring" and the kids will love it. Be sure you follow the order and allow time to let each layer set before moving onto the next.
  • Easy Easter Cake
    This Easter keep it simple. Watch our video and Create this fun Easy Easter Cake..
  • Buttermilk Orange Cakelets
    Delicious orange flavored cakes to enhance your Sunday Brunch.
  • Melt-Away Butter Mints
    These candies come together quickly, but must air-dry overnight. Flavor wit... 
  • Perfect Eggs
    Make your eggs delicious as well as beautiful for Easter!
  • Easter Egg Bread
    Traditional in both Italian and Greek households, Easter Egg Bread is made to resemble a wreath, adorned with fest... 
  • Happy Easter, Happy Spring
    By Joanne Callahan Easter is a time of renewal. Not only do we look forward to leaving the winter doldrums b... 
  • Elegantly Embossed Easter Cookies
    Simple oval cookies can turn into elegantly embossed Easter egg cookies with little effort. We have what you need!
  • "UP" Standing Easter Cakes
    Did you make that cake? Wow – that's really something! It may look difficult, but creating thre... 
  • Creating 3D Chocolate Bunnies
    Rabbits, chicks, lambs, eggs, baskets, flowers, fancy dresses, little girls' bonnets, egg hunts, sunrise services, speci... 
  • Easter Egg Hunt
    The children are all lined up clutching their baskets, some are made of wicker and some are plastic bags. But the f... 
  • Hot Cross Buns
    Hot Cross Buns
  • Creating Easter - It's Fun!
    Rabbits, chicks, lambs, eggs, baskets, flowers, fancy dresses, little girls' bonnets, egg hunts, sunrise services, sp... 
  • Spring Cakes, Cookies, Candy
    Winter is a time of slumber. Some parts of our world sleep and shut down for the cold winter months, preserving their en...